storm damageMetal roofs have been around for years, but in the residential roofing industry, they tend to take a back seat to asphalt roofs despite their various benefits and surprising longevity. Yet many homeowners may find themselves frustrated with the cycle of roof repair that comes with asphalt shingles.

So what is it that makes metal roofing a good investment? Here are some of the top reasons to install a metal roof.

  1. Metal roofs have a longer life
    Metal roofs can last a minimum of 50 years and may even protect your home for over 100 years. Because the roofs are made from metal rather than asphalt, they’re less likely to suffer from storm damage and cracking that could cause maintenance issues.
  2. Metal roofs reduce utility costs
    During the winter, a metal roof can absorb the sun’s heat and trap it inside to help lower your heating bills. During the summer, the same metal roof can reduce air conditioning bills by reflecting the sun’s heat off your home.
  3. Metal roofs are friendlier to the environment
    Metal can be completely recycled compared to asphalt shingles. What’s more, because it’s less likely to suffer from storm damage or be hurt by flying debris, the need for repairs and replacements is limited. Metal roofs also help to conserve energy and improve the overall energy efficiency of your home.
  4. Metal roofs have a good aesthetic value
    Asphalt roofs come in a variety of colors, but not as many colors as metal roofs. Metal roofs have a variety of textures and styles available to give the right aesthetic value to a modern Colonial home or an older, Spanish-style home.
  5. Metal roofs are easier to maintain
    Compared to damage asphalt shingles which may need to be removed and replaced before damage can be caused to the insulation, metal roofs are easy to repair. Rust can be removed with steel wool and leaks can be easily seeled. Just to be sure to use the right roofing repair company to avoid turning a small maintenance issue into a major problem.

Advantage Exteriors offers an on-site evaluation of the damage to your property along with storm damage repair and gutter installation. To learn more about our metal roofing installations and other services, contact the roofing contractors at Advantage Exteriors today.